Why enrol at FON University?

Prof. Sime Arsenovski, PhD

Studying at FON University is differently organised from studying at other universities. Here at FON we embrace the idea that the university education of young people should not be reduced to reading books, writing and preparing assignments, but should involve students in taking an active part in the curriculum and other student activities, necessary for the intellectual growth of the student. As it is the case in everyday life, it will depend on you and your dedication how much knowledge you will gain during your academic studies. FON University offers a wide range of alternatives, instructions and opportunities that will train you for your future career and make you a successful person. That is why FON University is your best choice.

What is studying at FON like?

General Manager Sefer Canoski, MSc

Your academic years are the time when you invest in your future. Your efforts and active participation in the curriculum will enable you to develop your intellectual capacities. FON University offers you the ways and means to make you qualified for your future career. The student activities will broaden your intellectual and business horizons. The opportunities for interaction, socializing, clubbing, partying and other typical student activities, as well as the student publications at the university, will enable you to develop your already existing talents and acquire some new ones.

Invest your time, mind and spirit in FON University and enjoy the benefits that will come out of your selfless effort and dedication during your academic life. We will follow and assist you every step of the way.

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