Faculty of Law

Jurisprudence is one of the most renowned professions in the society. It combines the protection of life and property, as the two most valuable aspects of society. This is the reason why there has always been a great interest for law studies. This profession is related to a wide range of professions in the business world, as well as in many other institutions in the field of judiciary, state authorities, EU and UN institutions etc. The goal of the Faculty of Law within FON University is to provide the best conditions for quality education of its students through everyday communication with the teaching staff and the associates and through interactive participation in the educational process. This goal has been achieved through the academic staff, the organization and the facilities available at the Faculty. Renowned experts in the field of jurisprudence and legal practice are included in the educational process. Apart from being obliged to take interactive participation in lectures, the students also participate in the scientific research. The application of the standards of the Bologna Declaration and the European Credit Transfer System enables students from the Faculty of Law to transfer to other universities in the Republic of Macedonia and abroad.

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