Faculty of Applied Foreign Languages

Do you love foreign languages? Would you like to start your own business, to develop your family business, to work in the management or logistics sector of an export-import company, to be a representative of a local branch office abroad, or in the local or state administration etc? If the answer is yes, then you should study foreign languages and business or obtain a specialised master degree in international trade.

If you are interested in foreign languages, linguistics, education, teaching foreign languages at all levels, literary translations and translation of specialized texts from a foreign language into Macedonian and vice versa, then you want to become a Professor of English and to obtain a specialised master’s degree in translation.

Are you looking for something new among the options for higher education in the Republic of Macedonia, where foreign languages are applicable to various employment opportunities, where students are included in pre-service practical training in schools or in local and foreign business companies? Instructing students in accomplishing their individual professional projects is one of the top priorities of our staff.

The Faculty of Philology within the First Private University FON offers you exactly that!

We offer interdisciplinary studies of English language (and other languages according to your choice), studies of applied computer sciences, communication sciences, economy, management, marketing, commercial law and related legal fields with practical training in local and foreign companies.

We also offer studying English language as a major with another foreign language as a minor, and a third foreign language as elective or studying Macedonian or Albanian as a non-native language; computer sciences, communication in theory and practice, intercultural communication, cultural studies in a foreign language, literature etc.

During the course of studies, you have an opportunity to change your original choice by horizontal transfer. The studies are organized according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), structured as 4+1 years. At the FAFL, we continually monitor and evaluate your progress and by combining theory and practice, we prepare you for your future employment.

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