Communication and IT

The development of information technology brings about a constant change in the life in this modern information society. Such development and growth of information technology and its application in all aspects of everyday life and work creates a need for highly qualified information specialists, capable of meeting the challenges of their profession.

The Faculty of Information and Communication Technology is committed to training graduates who are fully equipped with knowledge and professional skills in the sphere of computer sciences, system engineering, software engineering and computer communication.

The mission of this faculty is to provide educational and research environment in order to facilitate modern high-quality training as the main aim in the preparation of students for a successful career, postgraduate studies and lifelong learning. The educational process is conducted by using modern technology and enabling practical experience for the students, practicing professional skills and a base of information, as well as cooperation and exchange of experience with other experts in the field.

The faculty for ICT trains information and communication engineers in four specialist areas: software engineering, system engineering, computer networks and communication and administration of databases. The study programmes are organised according to the 3+1+1 model, where the basic studies last for three years. Students can specialise in certain areas by electing groups of selective courses organised in modules. This enables students to make more flexible and more efficient selection of the particular subjects relevant for a certain discipline and it gives him/her the ability to become an expert in a specific area of IT.

After the completion of the initial three years, students get a Bachelor of Engineering in Informatics. Those who continue their studies for another year become a Bachelor of Engineering in Information and Communication Technology. The postgraduate studies taking place in the 5th year of studies facilitate the candidate’s abilities for independent scientific work in the area of computer sciences. After defending the Master’s dissertation, the candidate obtains a Master’s degree in Information Technology.

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