Faculty of Design and Multimedia

The study program of the Faculty is a combination of fine arts, science, techniques, technology, IT and other related artistic and scientific disciplines aimed at researching and developing new achievements in design and multimedia. The study program is designed in compliance with the method- from general to specialized contents.

The initial stages will include subjects enabling students to broaden their horizons and enrich their general knowledge, which would represent a firm basis for further experiments and researching in their subsequent course of study. The Faculty offers general, specialized vocational and (master) postgraduate studies following the practices of the best higher education institutions in the world and according to the Bologna declaration and the ECTS system.

The General studies of Design and Multimedia are envisioned as three-year studies, and after successful completion the student becomes Bachelor of Design. After the fourth year of study, s/he becomes Specialist in one of the selected fields of study (painting, graphic design, fashion design, design multimedia).

After successful completion of the fifth year the student obtains the academic title Master of Arts in one of the streams s/he has selected (painting, graphic design, fashion design, design multimedia).

In the world as well as in Macedonia, there is lack of staff with formal training in the area of Design and Multimedia.

The study programs of the general, specialized vocational and (master) postgraduate studies are aimed at developing the talent, skills and creative imagination, which is essential to students so that they can develop their research skills and creativity in the significant fields of design and multimedia. The intended profile of graduates are people with creative skills capable of responding to modern demands in the fields of painting, design, research and development of industrial products, graphic products, publications and communications, fashion, media and other current demands of society, as well as the industrial, media, education and economic development.

The quality of this study program is drawn upon the basis of research and the application of the latest artistic, scientific and specialist achievements that determine the development of design.

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